Move Over, Meat! Make Room for Produce

Throw Some Colorful Veggies on the Grill

Don’t let open grill grate space go to waste! Chop up some fresh vegetables, toss them in oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, then grill them up for a perfect side to meats, poultry, and fish.

In addition to providing numerous health benefits, grilled vegetables are easy to prepare and are versatile. If grilling vegetables is new to you, here is one super simple Grilled Vegetables recipe that is fast and flavorful.

Love tomatoes? This Grilled Tomato Skewers on Toast Recipe from White on Rice Couple will become an outdoor appetizer favorite, and it’s a pretty dish to serve for special occasions. Sweet cherry tomatoes are smoke-kissed with BBQ flavor then they’re nestled in ricotta cheese that has been spread onto grilled bread. Watch the video in the link!

If you're planning a backyard barbecue, it's a good idea to offer a meatless option as a substitute for burgers, hot dogs, or steaks... for vegetarians. This Grilled Herb and Tomato Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms recipe from Back to Her Roots takes taste buds back to simpler basics that, when combined, create ultimate tastes and textures.

There’s grilled corn and then there’s Crack Corn. Try this Crack Corn recipe from Delish when you’re craving something unique and completely summer-satisfying.

Grilling steaks for dinner? If yes, you’ll want to put these Balsamic Garlic Grilled Mushroom Skewers on the menu as well. Steak and mushrooms are the perfect pairing, and this recipe from Closet Cooking will add amazing flavor to your meal.

Fire Up the Grill for Fruit, Too!

If you’ve never tasted a just-grilled peach topped with cinnamon-sugar butter, you haven’t lived. It’s like eating a little perfect peach cobbler. Once you start grilling fruits you’ll be grilling them all summer long, for both sweet and savory dishes. The heat from the grill caramelizes the natural sugars found in fruits and adds delightful flavor. And brushing on additions such as maple syrup, butter, and more only enhances the deliciousness.

One thing to keep in mind when deciding what fruits to grill is to choose firm, just-ripe fruits. Before grilling, brush the cut sides with a little bit of olive oil to keep the fruit from sticking on the grates. Grill fruits over moderately hot coals or on the cooler side of the grill; direct flames or super-hot coals can be too intense for fruit.

Some favorite fruits for grilling includes peaches, apricots, apples, plums, bananas, and pineapples. Surprise everyone with an extra peachy dessert by serving grilled peaches with a scoop of Homemade Peach Ice Cream! This is also a great dessert to serve Dad on Father’s Day.

Or try this tropical-inspired Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Sandwiches recipe from The chicken-pineapple combo is enhanced with the additions of lime juice and basil leaves. This is a pool party sandwich that will please everyone’s palate.